How To Care For Your Intimate Area And Restore Your Intimate Health In 7 Days!

5-Day Challenge Provides You With The Exact Steps You Need To Take To Restore Your Intimate Beauty!

When you enroll in this free challenge, our medical aesthetic team will provide you with the exact steps you need in order to improve your intimate health today.

Our team of clinical aesthetic medical professionals has helped thousands of clients in our Medi Spa to date, and for the first time ever…we’re giving you the same information over the next 5-days, FREE!


Our 5-Day Challenge Will Teach You:

    • Which technologies and products actually improve dryness
    • Which procedures you should seek out to rejuvenate your intimate area
    • Which procedures, products, & exercises help reduce (and correct) incontinence
    • Suffering from painful intercourse? Let us explain which procedures and products reduce pain and increase pleasure
    • How to improve intimacy and spice things up (partner optional)
    • How to improve your mindset around body confidence in a way that will increase your self-love
    • Having pelvic floor issues from postpartum or excessive weight training? Let us show you which exercises, products, and procedures help!

    Sparkle Lifestyle & MediSpa have been a leader in the feminine health industry since 2007.

    We offer non-surgical solutions for skin and body enhancements in the Greater Moncton and laser clinical training all over Canada.

    At Sparkle, We treat beauty from the Inside Out!

    Our Vaginal Health department is propelled by Dr. Karen Derosiers MD, FRCSC, SOGC.  Not only is she a badass, goal-setting, and powerful woman… She is an established obstetrics and gynecology physician with The Moncton Hospital of Horizon Health Network in Moncton.  

    She splits her busy schedule between Sparkle, Reconnect Health Center, and the Moncton City Hospital making big changes with every turn of her career.  

    She is what we call around these parts “A Wizard of The Female Reproductive System”.


    “Sparkle was professional and made me feel comfortable during the process.  I really wasn’t sure what to expect but in my consultation, they explained everything and I felt at ease and comfortable.  The room and spa was clean and tidy and I found the whole procedure pretty easy!” – E.D. (Vaginal Rejuvenation)

    “I can’t say enough good things about Sparkle, I’ve had many services so far and my experience this time was not any different! It was quick, easy, and fairly painless for the most part.  The doctor told me exactly what I had to do and let me know what was going on in the whole process. I will need more than one treatment for the full results but so far I’m seeing a small difference.  I can’t wait to see once my treatment is complete!” – C.P. (O-Shot)

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